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Chippewa Chief™
Designed for Backpacking -Backpack Straps Optional
Elk wallowing photo taken from the Tree Stand
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Back Packing Hints
Proper backpacking position is seat down, saddle up - pad between deck and folded upright, then bungee to hold securely and maximize quiet transport. 

backpack kits Carry the chain Rigging Harness wrapped inside
a garment or in a pack.

The most effective way to coat support cables is with cloth friction tape (the type used on baseball bats & hockey sticks).
Spiral the tape down the cable. This blackens the cable and dampens any noise from cables scraping against the platform.
Chippewa Chief™ More Information

22" Standard height seat
Padded Seat Standard
Deck Size 19-1/2" x 24"
Tri-position Platform Leveling
220 lb. Weight Limit
Approx. 9.5 lb. weight
Includes One Chain
Rigging Harness
Stand color is Flint Gray
Designed for Backpacking
Backpack Straps Optional
Stands pre-drilled
Fits trees 5" to 18" Diameter  
Also Available in 20" Short & 25" Tall -
Call us when ordering non-standard seat.

Chippewa Chief™   
$269.00  (Includes Shipping)
+ Illinois Residents have added State Sales Tax

Questions? Email us or call, see Contact information at page base.
See video below:

Note: The 2014 models are slightly different in appearance than the model in this video.
The Hex (covered blind) model is not available
Brutus (not available) has been upgraded to the Brutus Maximus

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