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Rigging Harnesses
Because of its revolutionary design, the Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestand can be used in multiple hunting locations. Simply purchase extra Rigging Harnesses, mount them ahead of time and quietly (& easily!) move your lightweight Wedge-Loc Model from spot to spot
Shipping USA) $41.50


STRAP $49.50 (Including Shipping USA)


Chippewa Arm Rest Assembly
Adds extra comfort to your Chippewa, tree stand
Mounted 25" bar with padded clamp-on arm rests our Chippewa ,tree stand
Order stand with bar pre-installed or easily retrofit a previously purchased stand
Arms pivot up & out of the way when the seat is raised
 $48.50  (order installed only)


Chippewa Foot Rest & Brush Holder
Insert branches into openings on the top, bottom and sides of the foot rest to provide additional cover for your stand. 
$47.50 (Including Shipping USA)

Also see Backpack Kits @ Top


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Climbing Sticks
Zero Tree Damage Climbing Systems
Lightweight aluminum construction
High quality machine shop fabrication
Rubber cushioned saddles cradle tree and provide superior stability
Easy To Install - uses the same attachment system as Chippewa Wedge-Loc Tree Stands
Can be used with either the Chain or Strap version of Rigging Harness

Chippewa Stick-Tite
Available in 4' length (with 4 double-sided steps)
250 lb. Weight Limit
Finished with new "Smoke
 Screen" camo powder coat paint
See Option box below for $ 1 to 3 Sticks  (Including Shipping USA)

Options for 1,2,or 3 Item lot

Chippewa Big-Stick

A heavier duty version of Chippewa Stick-Tites™
Available in 4' length only, 
  4 double-sided steps 
  350 lb. weight limit,
approximate 6 lb. weightAvailable in multiples of 3 only.

See Option box below  for $ 1 to 3 Sticks  (Including Shipping USA)


Option of 1,2,or 3 item sets


Aluminum mesh replacement seat
 $42.50 includes shipping


Backpack Carrying Kits
Every Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestand is constructed of Lightweight Aluminum with High Quality Machine Shop Fabrication... A great combination that make our stands easy to carry with the Strap Kit !
$19.50 (Including Shipping USA)

backpack kits

Chippewa Little Bow-KeepTM
Mounts on platform perimeter  
15/8" clamp width
Easy to use - no holes to drill
Compact, low profile design
Rubber-cushioned support prongs
Designed for compound bows
Quiet, easy bow placement and retrieval
    $18.50 (Including Shipping USA)

Climbing Sticks Carry Strap
Climbing stick carrying back strap.
 $19.50 (Including Shipping USA)


New padded, vinyl, replacement seat. Have three sizes to choose from 12"x10", 10"x8" and a 10"x6".
$39.00 includes shipping.

Select Size Seat

Select Size Seat

Replacement rubber bumpers for tree stand same as originals.
Sold in package of 8 $17.50 Shipping incuded



Chippewa Ground Hog
Portable Ground Use Only Seat
Features the Same Patented Attachment System as All Chippewa Wedge-Loc Tree Stands
Available in Three Seat Sizes
10"X12" Seat
Comfortable Padded Seat
Includes One Strap Rigging Harness
Ideal for Ground Blind Hunting, Turkey Hunting or Any Other Activity Where You Need a Quick, Portable Seat
All You Need Is A Tree!
$67.25 (Including Shipping USA)


Chippewa Bow-Keep "Long Neck" Convertible ™

 Separate base clamps onto platform perimeter - no holes to drill
10" extension neck inserts into base and holds bow at hand level
Base can be positioned on either side or front edge of platform
Neck inserts into base in any of the four directions to achieve ,best positioning
Rubber cushioned support prongs can be unscrewed & repositioned on the opposite side to accommodate
quivers or achieve best positioning
 Models designed for compound or traditional bows
Quiet, easy bow placement and retrieval
$32.50 (Including Shipping USA)





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