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What satisfied hunters say about their Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestands

Tracy N,

Fred P.,

"....Thank you for getting the Chippewa Treestands and Climbing Sticks all to me so quickly. You guys are the best. No other treestand even comes close to the quality of your stands. Thanks so much!"

Steve B.
Pace, Florida

"...I purchased a Chippewa Wedge-Loc some time ago and have harvested a couple great bucks from it. I have attached a photograph of a 170 class Buck I harvested while black powder hunting in 2009. I was hunting in late December and was very comfortable in my Wedge-Loc and made a great shot on a great buck after sitting for several hours in very cold conditions. Thank you for an excellent treestand.."

Troy C.
Lincoln, Nebraska

"...I own your Quest stand and I love the system... works better for me than anything out there. Allows me to easily set up the season for changing patterns"

Bill A.
Norristown, Pennsylvania

"...I saw you stands a few years back at the Minnesota Deer Expo, and the system seemed simple and effective... so I bought one for me, and one for my Dad. I couldn't be more happy! These stands are sturdy, portable, silent and comfortable! Most importantly, they are safe to hang, since you don't need to hold the entire stand in place when strapping to the tree. I would (and do) recommend your stands to everyone I hunt with. Attached is a picture of hte buck I took on a bow hunting trip this past year. Thanks for making such a quality product!"

Ben T.,
St. Francis, Minnesota

"...I set one of the stands yesterday and hunted out of it this morning. It was very easy to set up and the stand is very sturdy and comfortable. They are the best climbing sticks and stands I have ever used. Thanks for the great products!!!"

Craig A.
Botkins, Ohio

"...Here is the Buck taken from my Chippewa Chief in October of 2012. Best wishes and happy hunting!"

David M.
Jonesboro, Arkansas

"...Hello Rebecca, It's a great day... I just received my stand! Thank you and thank Terry. Can't wait 'till next year's deer season. You guys are the best. Just needed to tell you that. Have a blessed Christmas. And God bless you both."

Kevin S.

"...Just wanted to thank you for a great product that has helped me with my continued bow hunting success over the past couple of years. Attached are a couple of nice NJ bucks that were taken with the aid of your tree stands in Central New Jersey. Quck and easy set up, and most importantly, quiet! These guys never knew I was there until it was too late. Look forward to hopefully sending in some more pictures of success this year!

Nick Z.
New Jersey

"...These stands are by far the best portable treestands on the market. I feel secure & comfortable while hunting in them... And the more comfortable you are, the longer you can stay in the tree - giving yourself a better chance of a successful hunt!
...While hunting from a Chippewa Wedge-Loc this year, I harvested my first
Pope and Young Whitetail!! A 220 pound, 12 Pointer!
...My hunting is very important to me, and my equipment has to be the best... And "The Best" is what the Chippewa Wedge-Loc is
...Thanks for making a great product!"

"Bow Only" Mike Miller,
Muzzy Pro Staff

"...Super quiet tree stand!! Even at 18 yard Recurve Range. Fast and quiet to rig, and dead quiet to hunt from!
...This buck looked up when I drew, but it was too late!!"

R. Currie,
Midland, Michigan

"...I've got NO comparisons... It's the only one with a 475 pound weight limit! It's so easy to hang up... I took my first deer from your stand!"

"...Awesome Stand!!!"

Brian H.,
Watertown, Wisconsin

James M.,
Salem, Wisconsin

"...The Wedge-Loc is the only stand of it's type I've ever trusted. I like it's easy installation and ability to move to another spot using extra rigging harnesses. And - I can also install it without a man's help... not bad for a 62 year old woman. It's a real pleasure to deal with a company that cares!"

Whitetail taken from a Chippewa Wedge-Loc Tree Stand

Celina with the 1st deer bagged from her Chippewa Wedge-Loc

Celina & Bob,
Walled Lake, Michigan

"...Your Treestand helped tremendously in making my Ontario, Canada Black Bear Hunt successful.
The animals were hitting our bait every night, so we decided to move to new site that hadn't been hunted - and had no stand. I asked the outfitter if I could hang my Chippewa Wedge-Loc. It went up so quickly and quietly, I hardly disturbed the area at all.
I was able to sit quietly and comfortably for almost 4 hours until my Black Bear came in... totally oblivious to my presence.
Thanks for making such a fine product... I'll continue to use my Chippewa Wedge-Loc forever!"

James B.

"...Out of your stands last year, we shot this 149 Whitetail Buck, plus three others and two Does!
...I really like you stands because when you're up in one, you know just how solid they are!
... Thanks Again!"

Mark K.
Nebo, Illinois

"...The Chippewa Wedge-Loc is the best treestand ever. Built well, easy to hang, light, noiseless, mobile and made in the USA (not China). What a great product. Keep up the good... EXCELLENT work!"

"...No 'T' Screw... I can put it up myself. No creaking - very stable edge to edge.
...No Fear!"

Pamela M.,
Taylor, Michigan

Joe P.,
Sterling Heights, Michigan

"...First of all, let me congratulate you on what I see as the best treestand on the market today! You have many strong selling points, as witnessed by my check for my 3rd Chippewa Wedge-Loc indicates. ...I have 2 of your stands in use and can't see why everyone doesn't have one."

Ron M.,
Ferrysburg, Michigan

"...I really like the platform size and how easy the Wedge-Loc is to hang. Once in the tree, it's extremely stable. I also like the easy to attach bow holder."

Bob S.,
Wisconsin Rapids, WI

If you have a trophy photo of an animal taken from your Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestand,
we'd like to include it on this page! Please contact us for details.

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