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What satisfied hunters say about their Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestands

"....We have been hunting the past 4 years with an outfitter in S. Illinois and have experienced some phenomenal hunting. We have killed some decent bucks but have been really working on killing a giant down there. We have taken 4-5 of our Wedge-Loc's with us to give us the mobility and comfort that we have gotten used to here in Michigan.

This past season we were hunting a farm together and had seen a number of 140 - 155 bucks thru the bow rut season and then on the last morning of the first firearms season I connected on this super buck. We had seen and videotaped this buck 8 times the previous 8 days and finally connected with a TC Omega 50 cal. muzzleloader on the last morning and last hour of our 9 day hunt. I had moved my Wedge-loc 3 times that week zeroing in on where we were seeing this buck repeatedly in a wheat field.

Your stands certainly assisted in bringing this buck down . . . Thanks again for a fine product.."

Bob S.,
Lansing, Michigan

"...I shot this Six Pointer from my Chippewa
Chief Stand in the last week of the Pennsylvania Archery Season."

Keith G.,
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

"....I've been using a Wedge-Loc Treestand for the last four seasons and really like the ease of setup and comfort of the stand. I've been successful in taking numerous deer from it in all kinds of weather, including sub-zero temps in the late bow and muzzleloader seasons.
I've had some other stands that are really noisy in cold weather and had to refabricate them or simply throw them away.

And my Wedge-Loc DOES NOT take two men and four hands to hang in the tree.
Thanks again for all the great hunts I've already enjoyed in my Wedge-Loc."

Rick C.,
Swartz Creek, Michigan

"...It is so refreshing in this day and age to receive a product that not only meets my expectations, but pleasantly exceeds them! When I opened the box I was amazed at the care in which the stand was packaged and how well written the directions were. I have purchased many stands in the past, and frankly, none compare in initial quality. I can not wait to use it to hunt from when I go on my upcoming trip to Pennsylvania November 1st. I am sure it will make my hunts ultra-enjoyable.
The products were shipped quickly, Rebecca called me to make sure I was getting the correct size and I can't say enough good things about the fact that you obviously put the customer first!

I look forward to many more purchases from you and I will send you pictures if I do any good hunting from the stand."

Ryan C.,
Saline, Michigan

"....I just purchased a stand from you two weeks ago for a long Black Bear hunt in Ontario with two friends. After putting up their stands, we went to install My Wedge-Loc and they were amazed at how easy it is to put up. (My friends will be ordering their own Wedge-Locs soon.)
This stand is quiet and easy to install... and even easier to sit. With an average of six hours on the stand a day, it was a breeze. And here are the results."

Dan S.,
Streator, Illinois

"...I am a proud owner of one of your tree stands. Unfortunately I had some bad luck with the stand. After a hunting season 4 years ago, I was unable to retrieve my stand from a private property that I was given permission to hunt. Someone, who was not given permission to hunt on the land, has taken the stand. I had locks on the chains, so they had to cut the chains to get the stand down.

Recently, to my pleasant surprise, A friend who also hunts the property, found the stand thrown in a ditch on the property with all the broken chains. I am excited to get my favorite tree stand back - and would like, if possible, to ressurect my stand with new chains and some of the rubber bumpers that go on the stand and the steps.

I hope your having great success with your product. And hopefully I will have my favorite stand back in action soon."

Frank M.,
Norristown, Pennsylvania

"....Here is a picture of the eight point I took during the 2006 Wisconsin Gun Season.

My Chippewa Chief stand works very well and is easy to hang. I sat for 10 hours straight on opening day.
Your steps also hang very easy and are easy to climb.

Thank you,
Steve L.,
Colby, Wisconsin

"...I just wanted to share a story about an older gentleman who loves to deer hunt but never had any luck. I told him to buy one of your stands. He did and boy, did he have a great hunt! He shot two deer! He said he owes his dream lifetime hunt to your stand. He said it is so quiet and comfortable.He is 85yrs old. He tells all the hunters he knows about your stand.

Norm E.,
Streator, Illinois

"...Here are pictures of a nice buck that was taken from my Chippewa Chief stand on November 16th. I just want you to know how happy your stands have made me over the past 5 years. They allow me to get into trees that are almost impossible to hunt from with other stands.
I just bought my second stand from you so my Dad can hunt from my locations. He's 67 years old and can get into them with ease. Great Product!

Dale S.,

Some pictures from the "Madigan Crew"
and their recent Wisconsin trophies taken from Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestands

< Bradigan and his 171 score 12 point

Tyler with his 159 score 12 point

Jeff with his 120 score 8 point

"...I have enclosed my registration card from the purchase of the 2 stands last November 2006. I wanted to use the stands before commenting. We weren't able to use them last year. However, my son and I have used them extensively this past season in several places in Texas that we bowhunt. Up until we used your Chippewa Stands, the Gorilla Silverback was our stand of choice. It still is a great stand. However, there is absolutely no comparison with the Chippewa Chief. It is so easy to set up and take down. Also, the tree does not have to be perfectly straight. In fact, this is another important aspect of the Chippewa, it is easier to set up on a crooked tree than the Gorilla. Not one time did either of us encounter squeaks, stand shifting or any other problems with your Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestands.

We are glad we decided to try the Chippewa."

Alan & Michael M.,
Tyler, Texas


If you have a trophy photo of an animal taken from your Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestand,
we'd like to include it on this page! Please contact us for details.

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