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What satisfied hunters say about their Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestands

"...Just a note to say that while using your Chippewa Wedge-Loc stand, the Good Lord smiled down on me this past August and I was fortunate to take my very first black bear while bowhunting in northern Ontario. By using your unique rigging system, I was able to quickly, silently and safely use a non-prevailing wind to my advantage, which allowed me to completely take my bear by surprise. Using just two of your 4' climbing sticks, hanging my stand 15' above the ground was a breeze.

Like most bowhunters, I have owned and used several different portable tree stands over the years. I can honestly say that hands down, your Chippewa Wedge Loc is vastly superior in function and quality to any other stand I have ever used. For this reason I routinely recommend your stand to bowhunting friends, both in person and on traditional bowhunting forums such as Black Widow's "Widow Wall".

Thanks for making such a great tree stand/climbing system. ."

Monty B.,


"....I am THRILLED with the way you have been proactive during this entire process.
I was fully prepared to return the stand to the original owner and pursue the matter with the Liberty Lake Police Department.
I know for a fact there are few companies that provide this level of service for their customers. I'm impressed!"

Chris C.,
Washington State

"...My father and I have been using your wedge lock tree stands for the past six seasons here in Central New Jersey with great success.
Attached is the picture of my 8-pointer taken 9/26/09 out of my Quest tree stand.
Very quiet, easy to set up. This guy came into shooting range at first light.
Great product."

Nicholas Z.,
New Jersey

"I bought a Wedge-Loc from you at a deer classic in Peoria, Illinois over 8 or 9 years ago and still hunt it today. (Actually moved it to a new tree today for this year's season) Other than the seat being eaten off by squirrels and or mice, I have had no complaints about the unit. It has been a consistently quiet and easy to move stand since day one. Even took it to Colorado elk hunting one year. Anyhow, I am ready for another purchase...
Thank You, a satisfied customer."

Craig B.,
Donahue, Iowa

"....Thanks to you I now have the biggest buck I ever shot with a bow (138 3/8) in Michigan.
Thanks for all the help you have given me Terry, I could not have done this without my quiet tree stand."

Randy W.,

...Thanks so much. You have a very good reputation here in Hastings MN.
Several of the "serious" guys use your product. I've always used cheaper models; however after a recent accident I'm looking to upgrade."

Charles H.,
Hastings, Minnesota


"....I've been hunting out of a huge white oak that is situated on a large ridge line near my Wisconsin home. The old stands I've been using never gave me the confidence that I really needed to safely move and shoot from the 30' position...
Not until I decided to buy your Chippewa Super-Hex. The stand was easy to hang and the leveling system was exactly what was needed to help me deliver a perfect shot on this 12 pointer I was fortunate to harvest on Oct. 27th.

Just wanted to say thanks for making a great tree stand"

Greg B.,

"...I just want to thank you for getting my stands out to me so quickly. Thank you for the great service.
I received them Thursday. They look awesome, a very well-built product. I can't wait to hunt out of them.
Thank you..."

Billy V.,

".... My wife bought me one of your stands a few years ago and I love it. Hunted out of many stands, the Wedge-Loc is definitely the best. It is easy to hang and comfortable.
Thanks again.

Steven Y. Jr.
Fayetteville West Virginia.,

"...Everyone in our group comments about my tree stand. I've had several tree stands (as well as many, many homemade ones) and yours is by far the best. By the way, yours is the last one I bought and I haven't used any other since!."

Dean H.,
Pierre, South Dakota


"...Here are some pictures of the deer my brother and I have taken with our Chippewa stands. Including the one taken in Tennessee with my bow 2 days after you sent me the Brutus Maximus... It did great.

Damian L.,


"...I have owned a wedge-loc for the past 5 + yrs and believe it to be by far the best treestand I have ever owned, hung, and hunted from, and I have tried them all. Having a history of back problems, my treetstand selection is becoming more limited due to difficulty in hanging most stands. Your stands are incredibly easy to hang. Once in place are the most comfortable stands I've ever had the pleasure to sit in. Thanks for producing a GREAT product."

Dave B.,
Oswego, New York

"....I shot a great deer this year - 22 in spread - dressed 200 lb. I got my stand into the nastiest ravine on the property.

Jim D.,
Dunlap, Illinois

"....I have 3 young children. I believe the Wedge-Loc system is safer and more secure on the tree. I can't afford to sacrifice my safety for a cheaper stand."

Chad S..,
Minden, Louisiana

"...Thanks for the confidence you have in us and trusting us to do right with your gift of a Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestand. Each year we get nearer to our goal of being sole provider on our Habitat for Humanity builds. Your support moves up farther and faster than we could ever get on our own. 100% of all funds generated by this event go to the home that we personally work on.
Again, thanks."

Jeffery D.,
Cedar Springs, Michigan

"....Wow! The build quality is amazing. It is solid and fast to put up - and I've never used a tree stand. at 230 pounds, I can stand on the edge and it doesn't move. I would not buy any other tree stand... Period. In fact, I'm calling you now to order another. Thank you!"

Richard O.,
Linlburn, Georgia

If you have a trophy photo of an animal taken from your Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestand,
we'd like to include it on this page! Please contact us for details.

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