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What satisfied hunters say about their Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestands

"...Here are pictures of a couple of Deer I shot last season. They were killed out of a Chippewa Brute. The stand is solid, safe and made for all day sitting. Thanks for a great product."

Darren D.,
East Brunswick, NJ

"...I shot this buck on 11-19-03 in Kansas. Your Chippewa Chief treestand enabled me to harvest the "Chief" of this Kansas woodlot. The tree was far from straight. However, with the adjustibility of the stand I was able to shoot straight and harvest this 168" 12 point. His live weight was over 300-lbs.
Thanks again for making such a great treestand."

Craig G.
Liverpool, NY

"...If your stands weren't so light and quiet I never would have got this New York Buck!
Thanks for making the best treestand on the market."

Craig G.
Liverpool, NY

"...This is my first deer. I took it from my Chippewa Chief Stand. The Chief goes up quickly and quietly. It allowed me to shoot this deer 25 minutes after setting it up."

Andy S., Allegany Co., NY

"...I purchased a Chippewa Brutus Maximus at the Minnesota Deer Classic. As I was leaving on the way to my truck carrying the stand, I was stopped three different times by people who owned your stands. One person had five! They all had very positive comments and assured me I would be pleased with my purchase. I was impressed! Can't be a better testimonial than that!"

Joe R., Shoreview, Minnesota

"...Thank you for producing a great product. I have switched all of my hanging stands to Chippewa Wedge-Locs as they are the safest and easiest stand to securely install. Last year, I purchased the Super-Hex as I was looking for a large, comfortable stand to sit in all day. It was all that and more - and the ability to sit for a long time always pays off. Last year I took this nice 9-pointer in November. Thanks again!

Jack K., Whitewater, Wisconsin

"...I took this Buck from my Chippewa Chief Treestand. It scored 176.5 Pope & Young."

Jack H., Crete, Illinois

I harvested two does bowhunting this year using the Chippewa Ghost Stand, and I'm very happy with the results. The Ghost offered me easy in, easy up and great stability while on stand. Thanks.

Scott Eickman, Minnesota

"...I've tried a lot of different stands over the years, from homemade to Loc-On, etc. I now have a Chippewa Quest and it is the Best stand I've ever seen! Thank You!"

Mark H., Cannon Falls, Minnesota

These two bucks were killed out of the same tree in the same night in early October. I had a Wedge-Loc already installed and then installed another up over my shoulder to accommodate my son for the night. He shot the 6 pointer. I shot the 8 pointer about a half-hour later. Two bucks from the same tree on the same night by father and son. We each got to watch the other shoot their deer. What a night to remember.

During the season that Andrew shot the two bucks that you have featured on Page 3 of your site, I bought a new Brute stand and the first night that I hung it in a funnel location I shot the 8-point buck. The ease of installation allowed me to quietly get in and install the stand without disturbing the bedded deer not far away. I will always use WedgeLocs as they are comfortable, quiet, and so well made.
Bob S.,
Lansing, Michigan

Jim M.
New Jersey
with his
Chippewa Brute

"...Here is my 2003 Illinois Bow Buck.
Great product! Keep up the great work.
Thanks again!"

Jay M.
with his
Chippewa Wedge-Loc Stand
and trophy taken in Pike County, Ill.
on November 10, 2002

The 13-Point Buck scored a 163-5/8

Jay filled another tag as well that day...


Bob S.
Shelby Twp., Michigan

"...Excellent Tree Stand! I recommend The Chief as the best hang-on stand anyone could ever buy. This is my favorite Tree Stand, and its made in the USA. The stand is a bit pricey, but it is worth the money!"

Rod S. & Patty H.
Farwell., Michigan

and their pair of 2002 Bucks taken with Hadley Creek Outfitters in Illinois.

"I purchased one of your Chippewa Quest treestands at Denton Hill this year and have been putting it to the test. This is a great stand!
Solid, quiet and a breeze to set up. This morning I was fortunate enough to put it to the ultimate test when this buck came feeding in to me. Needless to say, he never knew I was there.
Thanks again for a great product.."

Shawn O.,
Ridgefield, Connecticut

"...Here is a photo of my 2002 whitetail.
I glassed a field from a bluff and located where I wanted to place my stand then snuck in and shot this buck that evening. The story will be in an upcoming issue of Eastman's Bowhunting Journal. This deer grossed 151 3/8" and netted 144 6/8" P&Y.

I ordered a couple of extra harness' today for my Ghost stand along with a Freedom bow holder. I've enjoyed the ability to be more mobile when I hunt and it also eliminates the possibility of persons stealing stands and or using my stand locations.

Thanks for a great product!

Shawn H.

"...During the last two Novembers, I took both of these bucks from my Chippewa Chief. It's Simple to hang, comfortable, and very quiet... all important features when hunting mature whitetails. Thanks for a great product. Shane M., Iowa

"...I bought your Chippewa Ghost at the local deer and turkey expo this year and I am excited about using it this fall. I am an avid bow hunter and I arrowed a 230 pound, 12 point bruiser last year from my favorite hang-on tree-stand that I fabricated myself. After seeing your display at the show and now your web site, I will not buy any other stand or build my own anymore. Like my hang-on stand I was able to buy your stand to actually fit me. Having the optional seat heights is a key selling point for me.

There are a lot of great stands out there but, your products are exactly what a dedicated bow hunter looks for. I am interested in your climbing sticks and hope that they are priced as reasonably as your stands.
Thankfully yours, Doug B."

"...I own one of your Wedge Loc tree stands and could not be more satisfied  with a stand. I have pretty much stopped using my other stands, unless I put them up where I anticipate they will get stolen. I don't even want to start a deer season without this stand. Thanks for your time.
Dan Z., Lockport, New York"

"...This is the kind of stand I've been searching for!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOO!"

Chris P., Grafton, Wisconsin

If you have a trophy photo of an animal taken from your Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestand,
we'd like to include it on this page! Please contact us for details.


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