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What satisfied hunters say about their Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestands

Steve F.
from Rossville, Illinois
with the Monster Buck
taken from his
Ghost Stand

Ghost is the best stand I've ever owned!"

Ben H.,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"...You have the most versitle stand I have hunted out of. I put a set of military backpack straps on it and have climbing sticks in place. Here is the buck I harvested this year from your stand.
Thanks again,
Paul B.,

"...To Terry & Rebecca,
I have been appointed regionial coordinator by the DNR, which means a little less "teaching" and a little more overseeing. I still will have control of the local classes, five or six counties, and will continue to use the
Wedge-Loc system for the Treestand field section. I hang the Chief and Stik Tite low, so that everyone can get into the stand to get a "feel of the real deal". I show it off by twisting it, pulling on the corners then removing and resetting it with one hand. Most all adults make a point of getting close and reading the logo details. I hope it pays you back ten times over.

Thank you so much,"
Jeffrey D.
Western Michigan

"...The Chippewa
Brute is the best treestand around... and I've used them all. It's awesome!"

David G.,
Northern Wisconsin

"...Time to make room for my daughter's trophies now! I'm proud to say that my oldest daughter Brianna (15) harvested her first deer on her first attempt. A plump 3-pointer. She was perched in one of our favorite stands, the Chief, when she shot this buck. I wouldn't trust something as precious as my daughter in any other hang on stand but yours!"

Craig & Brianna G,
Liverpool, New York

"...My Chief has done it again! I took this nice 8 Point Buck on 10/25/05 atop my Chipewa Chief stand. It performed great as I spun from one direction to another to take this bad boy. No creaks or squeaks thanks to your precision stand!
Keep up the great work!"

Tony R.
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania

"...I just received the 4 replacement rubber bumpers for my Brute stand that I ordered on Friday. What great customer service!!!! I have been pleased with both of the stands I have purchased from you. These stands get a lot of use and are still like new.
Thanks for making such a quality product and providing continuing support long after the sale.
Best regards"

Jerry C.

"...Just wanted to say thanks for making such great stands!
I bought a
Chippewa Chief two years ago at the Illinois Deer and Turkey Classic. And I absolutely love it!
I hunt land that gets trespassed on quite a bit and I don't like the idea of leaving my stand there. With my Chief, I just leave the chain up in the tree and it takes me about 1 minute to pull my stand up, put it on the chain and be up in it!! I love the versatility! It is so light, I always carry it with
me when I go to a new property or new spot, on several occasions I've hung it just several feet off the ground and climbed a few limbs to get in it.
I killed the buck with my bow this year out of a tree that I leave my extra chain in and slip in and out quietly with my Chief. The two does I killed during shotgun season, and I hung my Chief 6 feet off the ground and climbed up in it. Like I said, I love the ease and versatility!
Keep it up, I love the stand and will be getting another one soon.."

Travis M.,
Taylorville, Illinois

"...I own at least twenty-five stands... Yours is by far the quietest and easiest to put up... Bar None! I bought the Ladder and a Ghost last year... Awesome!"
Mike W.
Harpers Ferry, Iowa

Randy McG.
showing off a 10-pointer taken from his Chippewa Wedge-Loc Stand.

"...I own a Brute, a Quest and a Chief. They are quiet, safe, stable and comfortable. Best stands there are. Congratulations! I own climax and eagle stands... (several of each) I now use these where I might have them stolen.
Chippewas are my first choice, and most used. Thanks!"
Corey M.
Sanford, North Carolina

Dave B. from Linden, Michigan with his unique trophy taken from his Chippewa Wedge-Loc stand during Muzzle Loader Season.

"...Excellent Stand... Made in the U.S.A.!"
Michael R.
Portersville, Pennsylvania
The best stand I've ever used...
Bob V.
Oak Creek, Wisconsin
My reason for purchase? Ease of installation and stablility. Nothing compares!
Ronald B.
Howell, Michigan

...The only thing these buck heard was the sound of Dean's Grunt Call. The
Chippewa Wedge-Loc remained silent.

If you have a trophy photo of an animal taken from your Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestand,
we'd like to include it on this page! Please contact us for details.

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