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What satisfied hunters say about their Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestands

"...This is my 8-pointer that I shot on sept. 16 2006 from my Chippewa Quest Treestand
I have 7 more 8 points that I've taken from my Chippewa stand.

This stand really allows me to get to where the deer are and be mobile and undetected. This is by far the best stand on the market today. I've bought alot of other stands, but nothing compares to this."

Dale S.,

Jack S. of Ida, Michigan
and his hunting buddies Marv, Chris & Larry
with some of their monster bucks taken in Illinois & Hillsdale, Michigan
- from Chippewa Brute Treestands & 4 foot Stik-Tite Ladder Systems.


One of several nice bucks Todd H. of Alma, Michigan has taken from his Chippewa Chief Treestand.

"....I purchased one of your wedgeloc stands this year at Denton Hill and wanted to let you know that after over thirty years of bowhunting it is by far the most stable,sturdy,practical and safest stand that I've ever hunted from.And I've used most all the name brands.Our 6 week bow season just ended here in Pa. and I've spent nearly 100 hours sitting in it.I'll never buy anything else.
Thanks so much and good hunting."

Val S.

"...This is my 2006 Michigan shotgun eleven point.

I'm already on page 7 of your trophy section.

I love the footrest and the brush pockets that it has. The cover and comfort it affords helps to keep me undetected and comfortable for long sits. I always feel safe in my Wedge -Loc stands.

Rob G.,
Belmont, Michigan

"....About 6 weeks ago I requested a catalog and video. I'm very impressed with all your products and video. I have to admit that your prices are higher than some of the BIG TREESTAND COMPANIES But after seeing and feeling the Brute Model stand, I was sold on your product. I felt that it was definitely worth the investment.

I also understand that you may be considered a small company and I'm aware what kind of work that goes into a product. I have been hunting for 31 years. When I hung the stand up the other day, I have never had so much ease in hanging a stand! I found that your company is the only one that sells an adjustable platform treestand with chain-on capabilities for hunters over 250 pounds. At the age of 43 at 6' tall and 265 pounds I feel very confident in your stand, especially after seeing your testing on the video. Please know, my statements of cost or company size are not to be taken as insults but as compliments because your products are well deserving for their outstanding qualities and designs.

Thank you,
Donte M.

"...I just wanted to let you know I harvested another deer from your stand the Quest. This time it was a doe at 3 yards at first light.

Thanks for make such an awesome stand, at that distance the slightest squeak would have cost me the shot.

Once again I love your stands, they help make me a better hunter!!!"

Mark D.,
Montague, Mass.

"...I'm sending you another photo of a deer taken using your stand. You now have several of my success pictures and it is in part due to your innovative stand design.

I was able to relocate my stand from a cattail swamp into a saddle in a cedar thicket that connected the two areas to a creek bottom. I watched three bucks work through that cut the previous morning and just knew it was the place I needed to be.

My efforts to relocate were paid off in my first hunt from that location. A ten yard shot on this beautiful buck ended my 2006 season after only one week of opening day. He was the third buck to make his way past my stand location and none of the deer were from the previous sighting! I have a great location to look forward to next season."

Shawn H.,
Overland Park, Kansas

"...I just received the 4 replacement rubber bumpers for my Brute stand that I ordered on Friday. What great customer service!!!! I have been pleased with both of the stands I have purchased from you. These stands get a lot of use and are still like new.
Thanks for making such a quality product and providing continuing support long after the sale.
Best regards"

Jerry C.

"...Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I'm still loving the Chippewa Chief I got from you at the Illinois Deer & Turkey Classic two years ago.

This season I went to my favorite spot with my Chief on my back and my chain already up in the tree. I climbed up and hung my stand quietly and was ready for action. On November 3rd, I had two bucks right in on me and there was no creeks, snaps or pops while I positioned myself for a shot at this 8 pointer.

During the shotgun season, my brother Trevor (right) wanted to sit in the Chief and even though he had never hung it before, he was set up and hunting in a minute! He took both of these bucks the same morning!.

Thanks again for a great product. Probably the best hunting equipment I've bought!."

Travis M.,
Taylorville, Illinois

"...I am a returning customer with a crisis at hand. We ordered several rigs based on the Quest model and lot of climbing sticks as well as mounting harnesses. The problem is, we have a huge pattern change this year and it seems every tree we need to use leans forward. In a hurry we need to get either the Wedge-Loc or the Chief with the foot rest accessory. We have customers coming in this coming weekend and will need to make the necessary adjustments."

"...I got the stands this Friday, just in time to hang the weekend. You folks indeed saved the day. Thank you for the speedy service. By the way, we like the leveling screws below the seat. They did the trick."

Jim P.,
Bursnville, North Carolina

"...I purchased my Quest a couple of months ago and this past weekend was my first chance to hunt from it. I had used it in my Hunter Safety classes and had put it up a few times so when I hit the woods it was no problem putting it up. I have never had a stand that went up so easy. When it came to hunting from the Quest, I found it to be the best and most comfortable stand that I have ever used. I was able to sit still for hours. I did not shoot anything, but I love my new treestand.
Thanks for a great product.

Thomas, C.,
Michigan Hunter Safety Coordinator & Instructor

"...I own one of your stands. It is the best stand I have every hunted from... I've shot a lot of deer from it.
Phil I.,
River Rouge, Michigan.
"...I have two of your Chiefs and use nothing else. I retired all my other stands after using my Wedge-Loc's. Thinking about buying my son one. Awesome stands!

I love the durability, convenience, design, stability and safety of my Quest. I can't wait until you guys rule the world and give everyone a stand for FREE!
Thanks so much!
Anthony "Tone" F.,
Taylor, Michigan

"...It's the best stand on the market."
Steve G.,
Clinton, Illinois
"...I like everything about my Brutus Maximus. It's a great and safe stand. Up in 10 minutes, down in 5!
Julian T.,
Mt. Solon, Virginia

If you have a trophy photo of an animal taken from your Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestand,
we'd like to include it on this page! Please contact us for details.

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