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Welcome to Chippewa Wedgeloc Treestands ~ Like me on Facebook & win a Treestand ~ Watch Special Notices below for Promotionals...........................Welcome to Chippewa Wedgeloc Treestands ~ Like me on Facebook & win a Treestand ~ Watch Special Notices below for Promotionals

Chippewa Wedge-Loc ~ The Truly Innovative Tree Stands

Superior stability provided by:  Increasing tightening against the tree created by "wedging" action coupled with downward force and the addition of the hunter's weight.

"Saddle" lined with neoprene rubber tread and/or industrial rubber bumpers, which cradles the tree.   

At right is our Brutus Maximus
our heaviest model supporting up to 475 lbs!           
                                     US Patent

Revolutionary Design Copied by several but Duplicated by None

Features of all Patented Chippewa " Tree Stand Models .

ZERO TREE DAMAGE  Field tested and Commended by a Michigan Department of Natural Resources Officer; field tested and approved by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.
MULTI-POSITION PLATFORM LEVELING CAPABILITY  to allow a safe, level, comfortable deck - even when rigging on trees angled up to 15

A unique HARNESS & WEDGE attachment system comprised of

A RIGGING HARNESS separate from the stand - the only component to carry aloft - constructed of ...
Cable/Black oxide chain combination that secures with an "S" hook

"Saddle" lined with neoprene rubber tread and/or industrial rubber bumpers, which cradles the tree              US Patent

Durable, weatherproof neoprene disks to provide a space between the tree and the cable for insertion of the ...

Easy-starting WEDGE-shaped attachment projections, enabling ...

Lightweight all-aluminum construction

 Rigging in LESS THAN 15 SECONDS!  (See three steps at left)

Speed & ease of rigging is a definite safety

High quality machine shop fabrication

Fully-welded expanded mesh platforms

Teflon washers at all pivot points for quiet operation

Durable matte finish in appealing colors

Extra rigging harnesses available, chain or strap, for multiple stand locations

Heavy duty 3/16" 7 x 19 galvanized aircraft support cables on the Wedge-Loc model, 5/32" 7 x 19 on the Chief, Quest and Ghost models, all individually high-compression crimped to maintain equal tension on each support cable                              

(See  Safety-Test Video-Below)



At right are our 4ft 
model Climbing Sticks 



We'll I hope everybody had a good hunting season. My son Jacob and I will be attending as many shows as possible this year. Here is a list of shows that we are attending as of now: Deer & Turkey Expo,  Louisville Kentucky on January 30- March 1, Great American Outdoor Show Harrisburg  PA. on Febuary 7-15, Deer & Turkey Expo, Springfield Il. on Febuary 20-22, Indiana Deer, Turkey & Waterfowl Expo, Indianapolis IN. on Febuary 26- March 1, Iowa Deer Classic, Des Moines IA. on March 6-8, Deer & Turkey Expo, Columbus OH. on March 13-15, Deer & Turkey Expo, Madison WI. on April 10-12. Hope to see you, Troy.

Features of all Patented Chippewa Treestand Models

Three Steps to rigging:

Step #1: Wrap harness around tree with disks facing desired direction.
Secure with US" hook.

Step #2:
Insert tips of easy- starting wedge-shaped projections behind plastic covered cable section between disks.

installing the Wedge-Loc

Step #3:
Allow  projections to reach their maximum depth of travel behind the cable and apply pressure.

Our Video Below Shows how simple is is to setup...

Other Informative Videos






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