Harness & Wedge Attachment System

\"chippewaA rigging harness separate from the stand – the only component to carry aloft.┬áConstructed of a Cable/Black oxidized chain combination that secures with an \”S\” hook. Durable, weatherproof (& squirrel-proof!) neoprene disks provide a space between the tree and the cable for insertion of the patented, easy starting, wedge-shaped attachment projections, enabling rigging in the tree in less than 15 seconds.

Multi-Position Platform Leveling Capability

\"ChippewaAll Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestands have this Patented Tri-Position Platform

Leveling feature allows a safe, level comfortable deck, even when rigging on trees angled up to 15 degrees.

Extra harnesses may be purchased for multiple-stand locations.

Support Saddle

\"ChippewaLined with neoprene rubber tread and industrial rubber bumpers which cradle the tree safely and silently while providing an extremely stable platform.

The saddle rests against the tree, safely cradling the tree no matter what the diameter (from 5\” up to 18\”), without causing any tree damage.