I purchased a Wedge-Loc several years ago, I don’t think there is another stand comparable. Took numerous deer from stand. Unfortunately it was stolen from my vehicle early this spring, wasn’t sure this stand was still being made, glad to see still cranking out an awesome product and I’ll forContinue Reading

ronald tree stand review

Here is one of the many bucks I have harvested from my Chippewa Wedge-Loc. He gross scored at 146. The versatility of the Chippewa Chief allowed me to slip into his core area under the cover of darkness. Thanks for such a quality TreeStand. I have a feeling my buddyContinue Reading

r simpson tree stand review

What can I say, I can’t remember the last time I purchased something that actually lived up to it’s advertising! I’ve never felt more safe or mobile with a tree stand ever! In fact even though I have 3 chains already I’m going to need at least 3 more. You’llContinue Reading

My stand has arrived! I am so impressed with the workmanship of not only the stand, but the Big Stix as well! I cannot see how the Wedge-Loc isn’t the best stand out there. It is the only stand that I feel safe in, and allows me to not worryContinue Reading

wounded warriors deer hunting tree stand review

This is now Sfc Darrell Foster. I have been promoted I am writing you to inform you that because of your support at Basic Innovations, the Wounded Warrior Archery Hunters were able to take 12 deer during our Wounded Warrior hunts last season. It really meant a lot to theContinue Reading

best hunting tree stand review

Just wanted to drop you a note and Thank You for your great tree stand. I hunt a few states in the midwest and I’ve owed 2 for the last 8 years use your stand exclusively. I can’t afford a lot of tree stands and having to only buy extraContinue Reading

trophy buck tree stand review

I was hoping to add this to your trophy page. I have had my Wedge-Loc for many years and it is hands down the best tree stand I have ever used. The ease of set-up just never gets old. It allowed me to sneak in and quickly and quietly set-upContinue Reading